Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vegan Dutch Oven Pot Pie Recipe

This recipe takes a lot of preparation but it is worth it. It is adapted from the "Tofu Pot Pie" recipe in Tofu Cookery. The number of briquettes is based on a 12-inch dutch oven during calm, warm weather. You can adjust the number of briquettes for your oven and weather conditions by following the advice of the Dutch Oven Dude:

serves 12-16

Use a minimum 5 quart dutch oven. I used a 12-inch Lodge oven which holds 8 quarts. There was more than enough room for this recipe.

Have ready:

> approx. 2 lb firm tofu (not silken) frozen, thawed, squeezed dry, and cut into 1/2-inch cubes.
> 2 cups potatoes, cut into 1/2" cubes and parboiled for 10 minutes
> 2 cup carrots, sliced or cut into 1/2" cubes and parboiled for 10 minutes
> 2 cups frozen peas
> 4 cloves garlic, minced

Top Crust...

> 2 cups flour
> 1 cup vegetable shortening
> 1 teaspoon salt
> 1/2 cup water

Mix flour and salt with a fork. Cut shortening into flour/salt mixture with fork until dough appears crumbly. Add water a little at a time, until the dough can form a ball. Roll out dough on a floured surface to the diameter of the dutch oven. Cover with a damp towel while preparing the gravy and filling.


Heat about 24 briquettes. Place about 12 briquettes under the oven and allow it to preheat. To prepare the gravy, bubble together over low heat for about one minute:

> 6 Tbsp oil
> 6 Tbsp flour
> 6 Tbsp nutritional yeast

Whisk in:

> 3 cups water
> 3 cups soymilk
> 2 tsp salt
> 2 tsp sage
> 1 tsp thyme
> 1 tsp garlic powder
> 1 tsp black pepper
> 1 tsp paprika

Heat and stir with the whisk until boiling and thickened. Pour the gravy into a pan or metal bowl and wipe oven clean with a paper towel.

Putting it all together...

Saute together:

> 2 Tbsp oil
> 1 medium onion, finely chopped
> 1 tsp salt

When the onions are soft, add the garlic, tofu cubes, parboiled vegetables and peas, and simmer for about 2 minutes, mixing frequently. Mix in the gravy and cover with the pie crust. Put the lid on and arrange briquettes to bake at 350 degrees (about 18 on the lid, 6 underneath). Bake for 30-40 minutes or until the crust is golden.


Anonymous said...

my family in laws are vegan and have never had dutch oven cooking and after I cooked your pot pie recipe they where hooked. I would like to thank you for your recipes they where great

javieth said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm a member of Orlando Food Not Bombs and a Dutch American. I would be really proud to place this on the new OFNB website for our chapter and sister chapters to use.

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